Monday, August 3, 2009

Myself and my blog

My name is Anna Sponer and I'm a self taught Canadian artist born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario and presently working in the Greater Hamilton and Toronto area.

As a child, I was fascinated by the simple drawings created by others, and immediately wanted to learn to draw, so I began sketching my immediate surroundings. During my early teenage life, I spent many hours at the public library viewing and sometimes copying the works of the Great Masters, especially Leonardo da Vinci; I was overwhelmed by his creations.

With no formal art training and after graduating high school, art school was not an option; so I enrolled in the Computer Systems program and worked as a computer programmer. Years later, I joined the Ontario Real Estate Association. In 2003, with over 12 years in Real Estate, I decided to make a career change.

Not intentionally, and after many years outside of the arts, only to experience art by visiting galleries through my travels abroad, I found myself drawing portraits in charcoal for family and friends. A lot of unexpected attention was drawn towards my art work and my life as an artist re-emerged. I first worked in charcoal, progressed to soft pastel and recently included oil painting as my new medium.

My full gallery website was created in 2004 which is consistently updated.

My World... The Art World had just begun.

This blog has been created so many can join me by sharing their personal experiences, thoughts and knowledge of the fascinating world of visual art.

Connect and be a part of our world…
The Art World

Leonardo de Vinci
Soft Pastel Painting
by Anna Sponer


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