Artist Statement

  Anna Sponer
Self-taught visual artist, born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario.

My parents immigrated to Canada in the 1940’s from Racalmuto Sicily. Raised in a predominantly Italian "north end" of Hamilton, my interest in art arose from my colourful working class surroundings.

I began drawing at an early age spending many hours observing and re-creating images on paper. As I moved on with my life, my passion for the arts got stronger.  I returned to the arts in 2004, first by exploring charcoal as a medium, followed by soft pastel and oil on canvas; creating paintings of impressionistic portraits, landscapes, and figurative art works.

Since 2004, I’ve held numerous exhibitions and commissioned to create original paintings for individuals and corporations in the United States, Europe and across Canada. I am also the founder of  “Artist Art” created in 2010. This site is an international virtual gallery; and also serves as a means for artists from around the world to connect.

My artistic subjects represent an appreciation for heritage, beauty, family and culture. 

Through my art, I also focus on revealing the emotions of the less fortunate by way of visual expressions of the human body, leading the viewer to surrender to the unanticipated possibilities it unfolds.

Visual art enables us to experience our inner emotions and new challenges, we may not otherwise experience.

We have all been given a special talent to share, reach out, touch lives and most of all... make a difference!

Hamilton 2011 Women of Distinction Award
for the
Arts, Entertainment and Creative Energy


Founder | Member ~  International Art Gallery

Creator | Member of  "The Art World"  (International discussion group on linkedIn)

Manager | Agent for Cu Fu Story - Charly Chiarelli
International Storyteller| Musician|Writer| Actor
Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

Art’s Hamilton, Visual Arts Committee, Hamilton, Ont.

Women’s Art Association of Hamilton (WAAH), Ont.

Healthy Smiles for Haiti ~ Hamilton

Art Gallery of Hamilton

McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, Ont. Hamilton

YWCA ~ Hamilton Women of Distinction Awards 2011

City of Hamilton ~ Arts Awards 2004

Cengage Learning - United States | Publisher ~ for higher education

Canada's National  Women's Soccer Team

**Freelance art work:

Available to create original paintings for individuals, groups, and corporations -using oil on canvas or soft pastel (from your selection of photo's as reference).
Signed & Numbered Prints are available from my collection of paintings... view my full gallery website