Sunday, November 14, 2010

Herman Hesse & "Love of Books"... as one

Love of Books 24"x36" oil on canvas

This beautiful Italian poem below written by Herman Hesse (poet)
"Love of Books" created by Anna Sponer
share together the arts... as one.
(The visual & written art forms merge... together the artists share their thoughts )


Tutti i libri del mondo
non ti danno la felicità,
però in segretoti
rinviano a te stesso.

Lì c’è tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno,
sole stelle luna.
Perché la luce che cercavi
vive dentro di te.

La saggezza che hai cercato
a lungo in biblioteca
ora brilla in ogni foglio,
perché adesso è tua.

Hermann Hesse da La felicità, versi e pensieri

BOOKS Tutti i libri del mondo All books in the world non ti danno la felicità, do not give you happiness, però in segreto But in secret ti rinviano a te stesso. you refer to yourself. Lì c'è tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno, There is everything you need, sole stelle luna. sun moon stars. Perché la luce che cercavi Because the light you were looking for vive dentro di te. lives within you. La saggezza che hai cercato a The wisdom that you tried lungo in biblioteca for a long time library ora brilla in ogni foglio, hours shines on every page, perché adesso è tua. because now it is yours.
Hermann Hesse da La felicità, versi e pensieri
From happiness, poems and thoughts

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Young Oprah Winfrey - The Hamiton Spectator & Hamilton Mountain News - Announcements

Oct. 28th 2010
Hamilton Mountain News
Written by Gord Bowes

Sept. 29th 2010
The Hamilton Spectator

"While on the subject of Italian-Canadian artists,you can find Anna Sponer's portrait of a young Oprah Winfrey in Portrait of America by Stephen Oates and Charles Errico. And Anna's brother Charly Chiarelli has been invited for a second time to perform his one-man plays in Rome, Italy."

The above announcement was included with the article “Labour of love, love of labour, writ large”.
Featuring: Gino Cavicchioli – Sculptor

Written by:
Jeff Mahoney / Reporter, Art Columnist
Wed. Sept. 29, 2010
The Hamilton Spectator

Anna Sponer

Portrait of America
Oprah Winfrey: The Celebrity As Entrepreneur

Vol. II, 10th edition, United States,
Stephen Oates and Charles Errico
published in 2010, U.S.

Other profiles in this book include: Martin Luther King Jr., R. Reagan, Bill Gates, Jefferson to Obama, Richard Nixon, Harry Truman, Oppenheimer, Franklin & Eleanor,Theodore Roosevelt,
Andrew Carnegiee, Betty Friedan... and much more


Articles 2005 - 2009

The Hamilton Spectator
April 27th 2005
Article written by
Elaine Hujer - Freelance writer for The Hamilton Spectator

Hamilton Mountain News -April 2005
Article written by Mark Newman - April 2005

Hamilton Mountain News & Guelph Tribune
March 20th 2009
Stoney Creek News
March 13th 2009
written by
Gord Bowes, Senior Editor


The Hamilton Spectator - May 12, 2008

Quote written by
Regina Haggo - Art columnist
Former professor of Art History
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

The Art Gallery of Hamilton Annual Juried Exhibition
"A more enigmatic narrative is at the heart of Anna Sponer's "Alone". A woman sits on the floor in the corner of a room. She does not look at the viewer. Even her bare arms and legs crossed near the ankles seem to shut us out."


Friday, March 26, 2010

The Art Gallery of Hamilton - Exhibition 2010

Founded in 1914, the Art Gallery of Hamilton is Ontario’s third largest public art gallery and owns one of the finest collections of art in Canada, featuring over 9,000 works of art including historical European, historical Canadian and contemporary art.

Two paintings by Anna Sponer (stolen shoes & indecision) were selected as well as paintings from other local artist's to be displayed at the Art Gallery of Hamilton during the annual spring 2010 juried art exhibition arranged by the Women's Art Association of Hamilton (WAAH).

WAAH 2010 Juried Exhibition
*Dr. Patrick Shaw Cable Chief Curator/Curator of European Art, AGH
*Melissa Bennet Curator of Contemporary Art, AGH
*Christopher Cuthill Art Chair, Redeemer University College Exhibition Curator
*Tobi Bruce Senior Curator of Canadian Historical Art, AGH

Anna Sponer during the opening of the 2010 Spring Juried Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton

"Indecision" oil painting on canvas

"Stolen Shoes" oil on canvas

A run away girl muses upon her own innocence as she copes with the harsh reality that her shoes have been stolen. She has not yet been hardened by the streets as her unblemished beauty reflects. She is on the precipice of relinquishing her quest for escape or hurling herself further into the savagery of street life. The imagination must decide her fate...

You can view Anna Sponer's full gallery website:

Art Gallery of Hamilton
123 King St. East, Hamilton, ON
On Display March 13th to May 16th, 2010


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Toxins in art materials

There are toxins in art materials and I strongly recommend all artists to research the materials they use and please take all precautions necessary while painting.

This issue was the last thing in my mind when I started painting. I've always been concerned about the oils, but I never thought much about charcoal and pastels. The dust from the pastels can be harmful. Please use a mask, wash your hands frequently and if possible wear gloves.

I have to admit at times I can get careless about handling my medium. When I'm so involved with my art... my priority changes and nothing else seems to matter.

Keep painting, be safe, but more importantly... enjoy your art :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Art... obsession?

As an artist...
  • you realize that there is more to painting then just dabbing paint on canvas.
  • choosing colour and texture comes naturally.
obsession when...
  • you can't have enough of art.
  • your two worlds collide and become one.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why Paint??

Is it worth all the hours spent creating art?

Is art appreciated?

I have no answers to these questions but when I do return to the art's...

those thoughts quickly disappear.