Thursday, August 6, 2009

Arts Speak about Poverty - Visual literacy

Arts Speak about Poverty... promoting poverty awareness through visual literacy.
A collection of paintings were created for this special series:

"Unsold Roses” depicts Poverty in our Cities. Feel through your eyes the helplessness and loneliness expressed by her weeping body. Desperately she is trying to sell... with little of what she has.
A single black rose, a symbol of beauty, simplicity and hope for a better future, is barely visible among the red roses in bloom.

"Stolen Shoes" the young girl is re-considering her decision to leave home. She muses upon her own innocence as she copes with the harsh reality that her shoes have been stolen. She has not yet been hardened by the streets as her unblemished beauty reflects. She is on the precipice of relinquishing her quest for escape or hurling herself further into the savagery of street life. The imagination must decide her fate...
You can view the complete collection of paintings from this series, posted on this blog and my full gallery website:

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