Sunday, August 9, 2009

First Portrait Drawing in Charcoal (Nov. 2003) and what followed.

"Cheerful Times
(14"x17") charcoal drawing

The art piece "Cheerful Times" was my first portrait drawing which brought me back in the arts.

A close friend from childhood had requested a drawing in memory of her dear mother. She maintained I had promised her a drawing as a child and never produced one. After all the years that had past outside of the arts, this was a great challenge. I agreed, upon one condition... if I disliked my work once completed, the artwork would be discarded without her ever viewing it.

When the drawing was completed, my family and friends loved it. The support was unbelievable and the beginning of my new life as an artist had just begun.

In 2004 my website was created and many more charcoal portraits were soon to come. I was invited to become a member of Art's Hamilton (The Art Council of Hamilton) followed by the Women's Art Association of Hamilton (W.A.A.H.). Both of these art groups played a major roll in my pursuit in the arts.

Below are the following two personal artworks created in 2003

Quiet Moment & Boy's Best Friend

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