Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Paint a Portrait - Know your subject

Learn all you can about what you choose to paint, whether it's a person, animal, and/or landscape. Remember, you will be spending many hours working on your art and understanding as well as observing is the key to creating a master piece.

Knowing your subject gives you a window into their world. As you draw a portrait of a person or persons learn about their personalities. This will help you portray their image. If it's an animal, learn about the breed, features and behaviors. If it's a landscape, study the land and location with it's tributes - shades, light, colours etc.
Understand what you are seeing.

Decisions to consider prior to painting:
Are you considering a detailed piece or a line artwork? Will it be a full body, half or head and shoulder only? How do you want to present this painting... in what medium and size? These are a few of the many questions you'll be asking yourself. Composition, style, texture and colour are all very important. Will you be using a combination of warm and cool colours? Understand your colours... know how to use them. There is no right or wrong. The mood is set by your choices... envision your art but be flexible. At times you may find yourself moving away from your original thoughts half way through your painting. That is OK... go with the flow.

Learning, observing and understanding brings you closer to creating your master piece..

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